Persecution Awareness – Did You Know?

200 million Christians across the world suffer some form of persecution because of their faith. If that number surprises you, it’s probably because of the massive failure on the part of the media to cover the issue of religious persecution when Christians are the ones targeted.  Beheadings, torture, mental and sexual abuse to outright religious genocide, the heinous and ruthless agenda of the intolerant has no bounds.  To be silent and worse, to be uninformed, is tragic but epidemic in mainstream “religions” today. As our religious freedoms are slowly being hacked to pieces in courtrooms and in the court of public opinion, we have a responsibility to preach Christ to the lost.

As stewards of God’s Word, we have been called to stand faithful in the massive information blackout created by the mainstream media and educate those around us about the existence and severity of Christian persecution worldwide. Please visit the websites below and peruse the resources designed to educate and equip others to help us raise awareness for the persecuted.

And remember, it’s not a matter of IF we’ll be persecuted, but WHEN — John 15:18  “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me first.”

Thank You!

Bob Schueler, Manager, WWCC
Owner, Lafayette Appliance Repair