Got Worship?

Do you have a place to worship?

Do you have a church home?

It’s critical as a believer to have a place you can call home as your place of worship, as a place of fellowship, as a place where you regularly connect with other believers.   Just as a school or a college is where you go to get equipped academically, the church is a place for you go to get equipped spiritually.  Through regular attendance and involvement with your church, your pastor and your church leaders will equip you as you learn and grow closer in your relationship to Jesus Christ through His Word, and through your relationship with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Remember, the church isn’t the building, it’s the people.  The people are the church.  In the Bible, specifically in the Book of Acts, thousands of people accepted Christ and the result was an amazing spirit of community, of togetherness, and of bearing one another’s burdens in selfless service to one another, as Christ served us.

Church isn’t just about us, it’s about others.  Please be encouraged to attend a church, get involved, and grow in your love and faith in Jesus Christ.