Got Questions?

As a new or growing believer, you’re naturally going to have questions regarding Christ, faith, salvation, tribulation, etc.  While the questions here aren’t intended to be all-inclusive, the topics range from beginner to advanced and cover the spectrum of questions asked by believers.

As always, we hope that you have other resources, especially your Bible, to seek out answers to the spiritual questions you have and the guidance you need. Your pastor, church elders, group leaders and accountability partners should also be able to help guide you in your journey of faith.

Always remember to begin any spiritual quest with prayer. The Holy Spirit has been provided to help you on your journey and your prayers will help provide a divine inspiration in your journey.


Question Question
What is the True Gospel?
What is Salvation?

How Can I be Saved?
What are the Steps to Salvation?
Can a Christian Lose Salvation?
Is Eternal Security Biblical?
What is Soteriology?
Those Who’ve Not Heard of Christ
Salvation by Faith or Works?
Assurance of Salvation
Why is Christianity so Bloody?
Why is Resurrection of Christ Key?
Forgiveness – Keep Asking?
Do You Doubt your Salvation?
Forgiving “Big” Sins
Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
What is Sanctification?
Faith of the Young – How Young?
Repentence – its Necessity for Salvation
Jesus Paid our Ransom
Are ALL Sins Forgiven?
Salvation Status of Backsliders
Meaning of “Redemption”
What is the Substitutionary Atonement?
What is Regeneration?
The Bible on Death Bed Conversion
Eternal Security vs Apostacy
What about Those Who’ve Never Heard?
Is Salvation a “Work?”
What is Household Salvation?
What is Easy Believism?
What is Sovereign Grace?
Public Confession & Salvation
What is Conditional Security?
Difference Between Mercy and Grace
Why is Sola fide important?
What is Expiation?
Book of Life/Lambs Book of Life
What if I Don’t Feel Saved?
What is Righteousness?
Signs of Genuine Saving Faith
Salvation by Obeying the Commandments?
What is Progressive Revelation?
Why a Sacrifice with Blood?
Jesus’ Sacrifice
How Narrow is the Narrow Gate?
Will Being a Good Person Be Enough?
What is Cheap Grace?
Why Believe in Salvation by Works?
What is the Plan of Salvation?
What is the Prayer of Salvation?
What is the True Gospel?
Once Saved Always Saved?
Is Eternal Security a “License to Sin?”
How Can I Receive Forgiveness?
Salvation Before Christ?
Romans Road
Questions on Baptism
What is Being “Born  Again?”
Is There a 2nd Chance after Death?
What is the Sinner’s Prayer?
Age of Accountability/Children
God’s Sovereignty vs Free Will
Special Needs People – What about Them?
Animal Sacrifices – Why?
Salvation of Child out of Wedlock
What is Lordship Salvation?
What is the Book of Life?
Contributions to our own Salvation
How Do I Get Right with God?
Meaning of “Reconciliation”
What is Propitiation?
What is Justification?
What is the Ordo Salutis?
What are the Four Spiritual Laws?
The 4 Gospels and Salvation
Salvation a “Gift” from God?
Becoming a “Child of God”
Erased from the Book of Life?
Predestination, Election & Foreknowledge
What is Saving Grace?
The Gospel & Going to Heaven
Forgiveness for Recurring Sin?
What are the Five solas?
Why is sola gratia important?
What is Glorification?
Does God Draw us to Salvation?
Can a Christian ‘Give Back’ Salvation?
What Does it Mean That Jesus Saves?
Penalty of Hell – Jesus vs Man
Decisional Regeneration/Decision Theology
Jesus Died for our Sins?
Gospel Message Essentials
Is Christ’s Atonement Unlimited?
Why is Faith without Works Dead?
Can God Save Me?
Christ’s Righteousness Imputed to Us?
Am I One of the Elect?